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    News — April Cherry Doll

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    April Cherry Doll

    April Cherry Doll

     Please Welcome My Cherry Doll For The Month of April - Miss Katie Kaleidoscope


    Vintage bombshell Miss Katie Kaleidoscope is a huge supporter of not only my business but many other Aussie small businesses. She embodies what Cherry La Blaze is all about and that is a love for all things vintage, supporting women and pinups in their own journeys and following your dreams. This is a way for me to give back to my amazing customers, so I hope you have a read and love getting to know my amazing customers as much as me!


    1. Who are you and what is your pinup persona?

     Katie Hall aka Miss Katie Kaleidoscope


    2. Where are you from?



    3. What do you love about pinup?

    I've always loved old Hollywood glamour so pinup was a no brainer for me! I love the fashion (particularly 40s styles), the hair and how timeless the pinup look is. Pinup also gives me a chance to be use my creativity and allowed me to make lifelong friends with some sensational people.



    4. How did you find out about Cherry La Blaze Vintage and Rockabilly?


    Initially I knew about Cherry La Blaze the store from shopping online. Then I met THE fabulous Cherry La Blaze herself at Ballarat Beat in 2018 and have continued to be a customer and friend since.


    5. What is your favorite product that you have purchased from our store so far?


    Oooo tough question! I love vintage hair styling and have purchased some great hair tools and accessories from Cherry La Blaze. I also love the What Katie Did seamed stockings and look forward to splurging on some Charlie Stone goodies soon!


    6. What do you do for work?


    I'm an Event Coordinator at Festival Hall in Melbourne.


    7. What/who inspires you and your personal style?


    I've always loved the glamour of the 1940s and Hollywood legends such as Jane Russell. There's no denying I take some of my styling inspo (particularly my hair) from modern glamour icon  Dita Von Teese but I also have a love of punk/rock and the grungy pin-up styling of the late Amy Winehouse.


    8. Sweet or savory?


    Definitely savory. Hot chips for life!


    9. Favorite quote/advice and why


    "The best part of life is not just surviving, but thriving with passion and compassion and humour and style and generosity and kindness."– Maya Angelou


    I think this quote resonates with me as we all have the power to be kinder to one another. Be a beacon of positivity for yourself and others by not engaging with toxicity. Something as simple as smiling at a stranger could brighten that persons whole day. We owe it to the world to be more peaceful and loving toward each other.


    10. Anything else you would love to share?


    To anyone thinking of becoming more involved in the pinup scene, definitely do! It is a fun, inclusive and fashionable community of like-minded people. In Victoria we have a pinup social group called the Vic Vixens. If you'd like to learn more, feel free to add yourself to the group and stay up to date with everything pinup!



    Thank you so much Miss Katie Kaleidoscope!

    It was so fun getting to know you more and I hope you enjoy being my April Cherry Doll!


    XX Miss Cherry La Blaze