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    News — August Cherry Doll

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    August Cherry Doll!

    August Cherry Doll!

    Being able to meet so many amazing women is one of my favourite things about my business. I met this stunning doll at the opening of Happy Days Donuts and clearly she won Best Dressed that day...I mean look at her hair!

    Since then she has been another fabulous customer of mine. So I had to choose her to be my August Cherry doll.

    Read all about her below!


    1. Who are you and what is your pinup persona?

    eg.... Name/pinup name

    Tammy aka Mrs Nordstrom


    2. Where are you from?

    I'm from New Zealand but have spent the last 8 years in Melbourne!


    3. What do you love about pinup?
    My love for pinup began with finding a 50's swing dress in an op shop many years ago and realizing it was the perfect style for my body shape. I love the fashion both genuine vintage and reproduction, the creativity involved in putting together outfits, and how supportive the pinup community is whether it's in person or online! 


    4. How did you find out about Cherry La Blaze Vintage and Rockabilly?

    I first discovered Cherry La Blaze when I won the best dressed competition at Happy Days Donuts opening day & received a voucher in my prize!


    5. What is your favorite product that you have purchased from our store so far?
    I have a few favourites - I am a little obsessed with my Martinis & Slippers Pineapple Brooch, but as a practical item I love my Jac-o-net Triangle Veil Net for putting over my wet sets before bed as it's so much more comfortable than using a normal scarf!


    6. What do you do for work?

    I'm a Pharmacy Assistant.


    7. What/who inspires you and your personal style?

    My first inspiration would have to have been Dita, although my style has changed a fair bit since then so I am probably now more influenced designers creations, and seeing patterns, fabrics & accessories and trying to figure out how I can put them all together, rather than specific people.


    8. Sweet or savory?

    It's impossible to choose - Both!


    9. Favorite quote/advice and why
    "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always."
    Life can be rough sometimes - you just never know what someone is going through.


    10. Anything else you would love to share?

    I hate talking about myself so I can't really think of anything else! :-P

    Thank you so much doll!

    I really love your advice. So true!

    XX Miss Cherry La Blaze