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    Walking In Charlie Stone Shoes!

    Walking In Charlie Stone Shoes!

    Have you walked in Charlie Stone shoes?

    Well let me tell you something, you are missing out if you haven't!

    Charlie Stone Shoes was created by Sydney local Samantha Szetu in 2014

    Unique features include.

    • Unique flat design with hidden elevation for better arch, ankle and knee support
    • Custom cushioned insole
    • Soft genuine leather upper and lining
    • Flexible and durable bottom soles for prolonged wear
    • Comfortably positioned low ankle straps

    I was super honored to be contacted by Samantha to collaborate with her and her amazing Aussie brand. I love supporting Australian made so I couldn't wait to try her amazing shoes. I was lucky enough to receive the Portofino style in red/white which were super easy to style. I did misjudge my size, however Samantha being the amazing boss babe she is sent me the next size down and boy did they fit like a glove. I also have sensitive feet and to be honest I find it extremely hard to get good quality pinup/vintage style flats that don't damage my feet. But after wearing these all day walking around The Entrance on the Central Coast I was pleasantly surprised how my tootsies held up.

    There are a range of styles and colour combos to suit any outfit and they have just released a new vegan range which is super exciting.

    Something special is in the works so keep your eyes peeled and trust me go and get yourself a pair.

    Thank you Samantha I look forward to working with you in the future.


    Cherry's Online Charity Raffle!

    Cherry's Online Charity Raffle!

    This Charity Raffle is every pinups dream come true!

    Over $600 in vouchers and prizes to be won!

    This raffle was created in collaboration with some extremely well know Aussie small businesses that trade online. These include Sarsparilly, Lana-Rose Fashion, Martinis and Slippers and Bonsai Kitten just to name a few. I really wanted to help promote other businesses like my own and I wanted the vouchers and prizes to be accessible to ticket holders both nationally and internationally.

    I'm lucky enough to be competing in Pinup Doll Australia in October this year and part of our journey is to raise money for a charity of our choice. I have chosen to raise money for RizeUp Australia, which is an organization that directly helps survivors of Domestic Violence. So all of the proceeds will go directly to RizeUp to help them to continue their work by providing survivors with emergency accommodation, furniture, white goods, clothing, food vouchers and all the basic necessities a survivor needs to start over.

    Tickets will go on sale from the 26th of July until the 24th of October with one lucky winner to be announced on the 25th. The tickets will cost $10 each or 3 for $25. The tickets will be available to purchase through my Everyday Hero website via this link https://give.everydayhero.com/au/cherry-la-blaze-for-pinup-doll-australia

    I hope you can all get on board and help me raise money and awareness for Domestic Violence.

    If you have any questions in relation to this raffle or my charity please feel free to contact me anytime!

    Good luck!

    miss Cherry La Blaze



    Barbara La Blaze Brooch!

    Barbara La Blaze Brooch!

    The Barbara La Blaze Brooch is a fundraiser brooch that I have had made in collaboration with the amazing Danielle, Boss Babe at Daisy Jean Floral Designs as a part of my Pinup Doll Australia journey.

    Barbara La Blaze is a 50's bombshell pinup brooch inspired by survivors of domestic violence. Barbara La Blaze is a mother, a friend, a wife, a strong independent women that has a heart of gold. She embodies her own classic style, she is a lover of the 1940's and 1950's but also loves a rockabilly edge. She is a survivor not a victim! She uses her past experiences to empower her future and drive her to reach her goals and reach her dreams both professional and personal. Barbara La Blaze is a symbol of strength for those affected by Domestic Violence.

    This amazing brooch will be available for preorder from the 26th of July and there will be approximately a 3 week turn around time for deliveries. The Barbara La Blaze Brooch is just one way that I will be raising money for RizeUp Australia and organization that directly helps survivors of Domestic Violence by providing emergency accommodation, furniture, white goods, clothing, food vouchers and all the basic necessities a survivor needs to start over. http://www.rizeup.com.au/

    The brooch will cost $45 and $25 from every sale will go directly to RizeUp and the remaining portion will go into the production costs. You will be able to purchase her via my Everyday hero website via this link https://give.everydayhero.com/au/cherry-la-blaze-for-pinup-doll-australia

    I'm super proud of this stunning brooch and I hope you can all get on board and help me raise funds and awareness for Domestic Violence.

    Miss Cherry La Blaze

    Pinup Doll Australia!

    Pinup Doll Australia!

    It's official!

    I'm super excited to announce that I will be competing to be the next Pinup Doll Australia. It is such an honor to represent my state Victoria, my business, myself and to do so alongside 14 other gorgeous pinups. This is only my 2nd ever competition which is pretty nerve racking as all of the other competitors have had quite a bit of experience. But I also think everything happens for a reason and I really feel like this is my time to shine and to show Australia what Miss Cherry La Blaze is all about.

    So this amazing event is run by pinups and celebrates all 15 competitors. It takes place on the 27th October at  Chromefest which is held at Memorial Park, The Entrance NSW with the winners crowned on Sunday 28th. So make sure you come along and cheer us all on!

    What excites me about this competition is that we have so much freedom in our categories. Usually a pinup comp will consist of Classic 50's/Vintage, Rockabilly and Cos Play themed categories, but Pinup Doll Australia is a little different. The categories are as follows Day Wear, Evening Wear, Talent and Charity. Yes we are on stage 4 times! EEK! Day and Evening are based on our interpretation of the 50's era and what would you wear during the day and of an evening, which gives you so many options. Talent is all about showcasing who we are and what we love to do, to be honest I thought " I have no talent" But staying true to myself I will be performing something I'm so passionate about in my everyday life and I think talent is such a broad spectrum so I can't wait for this! The Charity category is extremely exciting for me because we are able to raise money for a charity of our choice. This is something that I have had on my mind for a while but have never quite known how to get it into action, so I'm really grateful that Pinup Doll Australia allows us to do so and is already pushing me to expand as an individual.

    Now that we have all been officially announced the fun really begins. Outfits, props, promoting sponsors, organizing charity events and putting together routines will be filling up our days from now until October.

    We would all love to see you there cheering us on! The perfect road trip destination. Also a huge thank you to all the organizers and sponsors because this wouldn't exist with you!

    See you at Chromefest!

    XX  Miss cherry La Blaze

    Ballarat Beat Pinup Competition

    Ballarat Beat Pinup Competition

    The Ballarat Beat Rockabilly Festival is something that can't be missed!

    It runs for four days in February and combines the best entertainment available including international artists with a 1950's street party, smack bang in the middle of Ballarat.

    Lydiard Street becomes the center of a rockabilly festival like no other. Hot Rods, Fashion, Glamour, Music, Dancing, great food and beverage stalls come together from all over Australia to celebrate everything 1950's.

    So you can imagine that the Pinup Competition hosted by Lana Rose Fashion is held in high regard.

    I had been thinking about entering for a while and I finally decided to do it and I'm so glad I did. Not only did I make so many more new friends I had an absolute ball before, during and after. It was also a great opportunity for me to promote my business, by having the opportunity to be a prize sponsor of the competition was a great honor and a great way to get involved and to be a part of something. I'm not going to lie it was hard work, there were meet and greets, heaps of info to remember, promotional stuff to do, raffle tickets to sell and a 3min routine to come up with. But it really was such an achievement and all the organizers and everyone involved were there to help us and guide us through the whole thing.

    For me preparation was key as I have three kids, so the weeks leading up to the comp I was in my Rockabilly/Bettie Boop character and I think that really helped me be confident on stage as the poses and routine became second nature.

    This year the competition was held on Saturday the 10th at 2pm in the Mining Exchange Building. Backstage was a room full of eye lashes, lipsticks, petticoats and nerves  but we were all there for each other. Whether it was a little chit chat, a stocking fix or a last minute hug there was a real sense of togetherness.

    There were five categories Rockabilly, Glamourbilly, Geekabilly, Physchobilly and Automic Couples. I was in Rockabilly and we were first up on stage, which I was completely happy with getting it done so I could then relax. It all happens quite fast and once you are up there you don't have time to worry about anything, you just have to put on a good show. There was a panel of five judges watching your every move, I remember telling myself "look at the judges and smile".

    Everyone did such an amazing job and everyone was so nice and we all cheered each other on, in the end we didn't care who won. But there does have to be a winner and the show unfortunately does have to end. So once everyone had done their routine we were all called to the stage and all the prizes and titles were announced.

    Something new to this year was the Nicola-Zoe Fundraiser Raffle. We all sold raffle tickets to raise funds for Head Space an organization that supports mental health which is such an amazing cause that touches everyone in some way. Whoever sold the most tickets took home a fabulous assortment of prizes and that went to the fabulous Miss Dixie Emerald. There was also a Social Media prize for the pinup that posted and promoted the event the most and that went to delightful Miss Lu Lu Lipstick.

    We then got onto the title winners, so there was a winner for each category and then an overall winner. Starting with Rockabilly, there was a pause then.... "Miss Cherry La Blaze" I actually froze for a second then realized it was me! I was so excited and bursting with happiness as this was my first ever pinup comp, I couldn't wait to see my husband and kids and give them a hug. Glamourbilly went to sweet Miss Bambi Lamour, Geekabilly went to daring Miss Juniper Peach, Physchobilly went to crazy Miss Cherie Blossom Boom Baby, Automic Couples went to  the hilarious duo The Twinups and the overall title of Miss Ballarat Beat 2018 went to.... drum roll  the beautiful Miss Daisy Peaches.

    A huge congratulations to everyone! It was such an epic show and I heard it was the best yet! So we should all be proud of ourselves for having a go and having so much fun together. Also a massive thank you to Lana Rose Fashion for running the event, all the other organizers, sponsors, judges and Brett Allen Photography for catching all of the amazing images.

    I can't wait until next year!!!!

    XX Miss Cherry La Blaze

    Miss Rockabilly Ballarat Beat 2018