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    Vintage Styling Demo and Afternoon Tea

    Vintage Styling Demo and Afternoon Tea

    Vintage Styling Demo! Afternoon Tea! Raising Money For Charity!

    This is every pinups dream come true jam packed into one afternoon.

    The kind owners of Mamor Chocolates have donated their stunning venue for me to host this amazing charity event as a part of my Pinup Doll Australia journey. Not only that but gorgeous Geelong based vintage stylist The Vintage Valley has also donated her time and expertise to help me raise money and awareness for Domestic Violence. This exciting event takes place on Sunday the 7th of October from 2pm - 530pm and tickets go on sale on the 26th of July. The cost of the tickets are $95 where a portion of the proceeds go to RizeUp Australia to help support survivors of Domestic Violence.

    There are limited spots so don't miss out!

    Purchase your ticket via this link https://give.everydayhero.com/au/cherry-la-blaze-for-pinup-doll-australia

    Reserve your ticket today by emailing me at hello@cherrylablaze.com.au

    Boxing For Charity!

    Boxing For Charity!

    I have recently got back into my training after some medical conditions that have left me unable to do too much. I was diagnosed with congenital fusion of two vertebrae and a bulging disc, Nocturia a bladder condition, PTSD and severe anxiety brought on by an emotionally and physiologically relationship from many years ago. As well as having three kids and running two businesses it's safe to say I was exhausted.

    Fitness has always been a passion of mine so I knew I wanted to get back into it but I also knew I had to do something different that didn't involve too much weight training. I began practicing Ashtanga a form of Yoga which was amazing and it really did wonders for my breathing, strength and flexibility. I then heard that the local gym had reopened so I went and checked it out. Hilltop fitness is run by local husband and wife duo Ricky and Teagan who also have two beautiful girls, these guys are amazing, extremely supportive and have brought life back to the mountain.

    I noticed there was a boxing class so I thought why not have a go as it's way out of my comfort zone and as my health was improving I really wanted to challenge myself. I was so uncoordinated in my first class, I was terrible at holding the pads and I remember thinking " I'm going to die". But I pushed through and I had so much fun that I couldn't wait until the next class. Kelly the boxing instructor is like no other, she is fun, energetic, super fierce and inspiring to other women and she has really pushed me both physically and mentally although she might not know it!

    I really wanted to not only raise money but do it in a way that empowers people and to also base it around my passions, so that's when Boxing For Charity was created!


    Raising money for charity as a part of my Pinup Doll Australia journey is such an honor and something I'm really excited about. I really wanted to raise money for people affected by domestic violence, it's something that affects so many and I feel needs so much more attention and funds than it receives. After chatting with Teagan, Ricky and Kelly and telling them about Pinup Doll Australia and telling them about my idea of a fitness class for charity they were all on board and thought it was a fantastic idea. So Hilltop Fitness have donated the space and Kelly has donated her time, there will also be child minding available which is not usually available at the time of this class.

    The class will be held on the Monday the 30th of July from 10:30-11:30am. The cost will be $10 and all of the proceeds will go to RizeUp Australia an organization that directly helps those affected by domestic violence by providing emergency accommodation, furniture, clothing, food vouchers, white goods, toiletries and all the basic necessities survivors need to start their life over. When people leave they leave with nothing so I hope we can make a difference and get fit while doing it.

    If you have any questions about the class or my charity please feel free to contact me anytime.

    See you at Hilltop Fitness!

    Miss Cherry La Blaze.

    Pinup Doll Australia!

    Pinup Doll Australia!

    It's official!

    I'm super excited to announce that I will be competing to be the next Pinup Doll Australia. It is such an honor to represent my state Victoria, my business, myself and to do so alongside 14 other gorgeous pinups. This is only my 2nd ever competition which is pretty nerve racking as all of the other competitors have had quite a bit of experience. But I also think everything happens for a reason and I really feel like this is my time to shine and to show Australia what Miss Cherry La Blaze is all about.

    So this amazing event is run by pinups and celebrates all 15 competitors. It takes place on the 27th October at  Chromefest which is held at Memorial Park, The Entrance NSW with the winners crowned on Sunday 28th. So make sure you come along and cheer us all on!

    What excites me about this competition is that we have so much freedom in our categories. Usually a pinup comp will consist of Classic 50's/Vintage, Rockabilly and Cos Play themed categories, but Pinup Doll Australia is a little different. The categories are as follows Day Wear, Evening Wear, Talent and Charity. Yes we are on stage 4 times! EEK! Day and Evening are based on our interpretation of the 50's era and what would you wear during the day and of an evening, which gives you so many options. Talent is all about showcasing who we are and what we love to do, to be honest I thought " I have no talent" But staying true to myself I will be performing something I'm so passionate about in my everyday life and I think talent is such a broad spectrum so I can't wait for this! The Charity category is extremely exciting for me because we are able to raise money for a charity of our choice. This is something that I have had on my mind for a while but have never quite known how to get it into action, so I'm really grateful that Pinup Doll Australia allows us to do so and is already pushing me to expand as an individual.

    Now that we have all been officially announced the fun really begins. Outfits, props, promoting sponsors, organizing charity events and putting together routines will be filling up our days from now until October.

    We would all love to see you there cheering us on! The perfect road trip destination. Also a huge thank you to all the organizers and sponsors because this wouldn't exist with you!

    See you at Chromefest!

    XX  Miss cherry La Blaze