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    Belle Poque Collaboration

    Belle Poque Collaboration

    Earlier this month I was contacted by the fabulous team at Belle Poque. Belle Poque was created in 2015 and is an independent brand recreating vintage inspired clothing. They aim to provide customers with high quality garments at competitive prices with excellent customer service.


    I was lucky enough to receive two items in my package. The first and my absolute favourite was the Women's Cherry Cropped Cardigan.

    Made from 55%Viscose+40%Polyamide+5%Spandex giving a nice amount of stretch, with 3/4 sleeves and covered in delightful embroided cherries.


    Perfect to layer in the cooler months and your go to in the warmer months to pin over your shoulders. Now you all know me and how much I love 1950's diners, so it was only fitting to take this little cutie to Happy Days Donuts for a milkshake with Brookleigh Photography and my Care Bear of course!



    The second item I received was the 1950's Vintage Sleeveless V-Neck Flared A-Line Dress. Which is a very versatile black dress featuring a vibrant floral swan print along the hemline.

    Made from 95%Cotton+5%Spandex with a nice amount of stretch, matching removable belt and a ruched bust to give you a very flattering shape and if your like me and you have a small bust this is perfect for you.


     I felt extremely comfortable in this dress and I was happy with the fit, plus coming with a matching belt made my heart sing. I would not wear a petticoat under this as it is an A-Line dress, but you can certainly mix and match different coloured accessories depending on your mood. I chose a pop of yellow on this occasion teamed with my New York Luxe Charlie Stone heels.


    After taking these babies for a spin I was really happy with the style, fit and quality for the price. I received my package very quickly and the team at Belle Poque were fabulous. They do have some super cute combos currently in their online store, so go and check them out.

    XX Miss Cherry La Blaze



    Budget Pinup!

    Budget Pinup!

    If your just starting out in the pinup world and you are on a budget, then there are many brands out there that can provide you with vintage inspired looks for extremely competitive prices.

    Dresslily is one of those very versatile brands. Being a leading international online fashion clothing and home wares store they offer the very latest products to suit a wide variety of styles and personal tastes.

    So I thought I would put together a few different looks featuring three different vintage inspired dresses from Dresslily with all the photography by my fabulous friend Brookleigh Photography. Be sure to check her out!



     First up is the Cross Back Flower Print Vintage Dress

    Blooming with flowers enliven this vintage-inspired A-line dress cut with a high-rise waist with a crisscrossed back is the perfect floral frock for the cooler months. There a few standout colours featured in the fabric which makes accessorizing a dream. I teamed this dress with a red bolero, orange vintage hat and gloves, teal stockings and a big red flower. This is a shorter cut dress, so if you prefer longer dresses then this one is not for you. You can pick this little number up for $42.70. This one was definitely my favourite of the three featured.
    Style: Vintage
    Occasion: Day
    Material: Cotton,Spandex
    Silhouette: A-Line
    Dresses Length: Mini
    Neckline: Sweetheart Neck
    Sleeve Length: Sleeveless
    Waist: High Waisted
    Embellishment: Criss-Cross
    Pattern Type: Floral
    With Belt: No
    Season: Spring,Summer


    Next is the Fold Over Off The shoulder Skater Cocktail Dress in navy blue. I do love a good off the shoulder number and I was pleasantly surprised with the fit, fabric and colour for the price of $46.18. Easily matched with a variety of different accessories, I chose baby pink beads and true vintage gloves. This dress could easily be dressed up or down depending on your event or mood. A belt would also look amazing with this dress however I chose to just feature the dress on this occasion.


    Style: Vintage

    Material: Cotton,Spandex
    Silhouette: A-Line
    Dress Type: Skater Dress
    Dresses Length: Knee-Length
    Neckline: Off The Shoulder
    Sleeve Length: Short Sleeves
    Pattern Type: Solid
    With Belt: No
    Season: Fall,Spring


    Lastly for the animal novelty print lovers is the Dinosaur Print Dual Strap Dress available in both black and white. I received the white and straight away knew that my leather jacket would suit it perfectly. While I do the love the colours featured in the fabric I'm not a huge fan of dinosaurs but for the price of $50.32 I was happy with the fit and cut, especially the neckline. The skirt is not a full circle so I was only able to fit a small very soft petticoat underneath. If you love dinosaurs and novelty prints then this dress would be perfect for you, or if you had a themed party to go to. For me the jacket gave it a rockabilly edge, but there are many ways you could go in terms of styling.





    Material: Polyester
    Silhouette: A-Line
    Dresses Length: Knee-Length
    Neckline: Spaghetti Strap
    Sleeve Length: Sleeveless
    Pattern Type: Animal
    With Belt: No
    Season: Summer

    Final thoughts, if you are a pinup on a budget or maybe you are just starting out in the world of pinup and are yet to find your style, or if you are a teen with a pinup dream. Then check out Dresslily, there are so many styles to choose from that won't break your bank account. They have a lot of reviews on their items so be sure to give those a read too. They provide full or partial refund if the item is not as described on the website. I will also be trying some of their swimwear when the weather warms up, so keep an eye out for that.

    XX Miss Cherry La Blaze


    Erstwilder Fan Favourites!

    Erstwilder Fan Favourites!

    It's that time again!

    The fabulous team at Erstwilder have released a super exciting collection just in time to brighten everyone's spirits.

    The Fan Favourites Collection launched today at 12:30PM  is full of VIP {Very Important Pieces} that have been remade in different colours, or slightly different designs. They have also been the most requested by us, the Erstwilder obsessed lovers of all things Erstwilder!

    I have always been a sucker for Fairy Bread so when Erstwilder gifted me the fairy Bread Brooch plus the matching Large Neck Scarf I nearly fell off my chair with excitement. The fairy Bread Brooch made from high quality layered resin and comes complete with no nibbles taken out and covered in sprinkles, so it's full of deliciousness and ready to be pinned to your best vintage blouse or cardigan. Or match it with the Large Neck Scarf for something a little extra. All neck and head scarves are made from 100% Polyester, with a velvet chiffon feel making them a dream to wear. There is also stud earrings and a necklace available too, so you can be completely matchy-matchy!


    Shop their range of head and neck scarves below.


    I went all out and teamed these scrumptious accessories with my yellow Grace Blouse and Rouge skirt.

    Shop them both via links below!




    Shop the scrumptious Fairy Bread collection below!



    Now every pinup I'm sure has had mermaid fantasies, and mine all came true when I was also gifted the Treasure Within Brooch, which has been redone with bubble gum pink, pastel blue and a pearl surprise, the Saltwater Wisdom Stud Earrings and matching head scarf. I teamed the whole collection with adorable Mermaid Tee from Vinnie Boy Vintage which was the perfect finishing touch.


    Shop their amazing Tees below!



    Shop the Treasure within Brooch, Saltwater Wisdom Stud Earrings and matching head scarf below!





    So I know isolation has been hard on all of us, but this amazing collection will be sure to brighten your day. Supporting our local online businesses is even more important right now. Every purchase big or small keeps us going and the gorgeous bunch of bodies that run Erstwilder give so much back to the community. I've had my eye set on a few other pieces and can't wait to receive those too.

    I hope you enjoyed my At Home Selfie Series, there will more than likely be many more to come.

    Take care and stay safe!

    XX Miss Cherry La Blaze

    August Cherry Doll!

    August Cherry Doll!

    Being able to meet so many amazing women is one of my favourite things about my business. I met this stunning doll at the opening of Happy Days Donuts and clearly she won Best Dressed that day...I mean look at her hair!

    Since then she has been another fabulous customer of mine. So I had to choose her to be my August Cherry doll.

    Read all about her below!


    1. Who are you and what is your pinup persona?

    eg.... Name/pinup name

    Tammy aka Mrs Nordstrom


    2. Where are you from?

    I'm from New Zealand but have spent the last 8 years in Melbourne!


    3. What do you love about pinup?
    My love for pinup began with finding a 50's swing dress in an op shop many years ago and realizing it was the perfect style for my body shape. I love the fashion both genuine vintage and reproduction, the creativity involved in putting together outfits, and how supportive the pinup community is whether it's in person or online! 


    4. How did you find out about Cherry La Blaze Vintage and Rockabilly?

    I first discovered Cherry La Blaze when I won the best dressed competition at Happy Days Donuts opening day & received a voucher in my prize!


    5. What is your favorite product that you have purchased from our store so far?
    I have a few favourites - I am a little obsessed with my Martinis & Slippers Pineapple Brooch, but as a practical item I love my Jac-o-net Triangle Veil Net for putting over my wet sets before bed as it's so much more comfortable than using a normal scarf!


    6. What do you do for work?

    I'm a Pharmacy Assistant.


    7. What/who inspires you and your personal style?

    My first inspiration would have to have been Dita, although my style has changed a fair bit since then so I am probably now more influenced designers creations, and seeing patterns, fabrics & accessories and trying to figure out how I can put them all together, rather than specific people.


    8. Sweet or savory?

    It's impossible to choose - Both!


    9. Favorite quote/advice and why
    "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always."
    Life can be rough sometimes - you just never know what someone is going through.


    10. Anything else you would love to share?

    I hate talking about myself so I can't really think of anything else! :-P

    Thank you so much doll!

    I really love your advice. So true!

    XX Miss Cherry La Blaze

    July Cherry Doll!

    July Cherry Doll!

    My July Cherry Doll is all the way from the other side of the country yet we have connected through our love of all things vintage, kitsch and colourful!
    Please welcome Kirra Jarvis AKA
    Please have a read and get to know this stunning doll a little more and make sure you give her a follow!
    1. Who are you and what is your pinup persona?
    My  pinup name is Miss Joycurve. I came up with this name from inspiration with my own body.. I'm joyful and curvy.
    2. Where are you from?
    I'm from the West.. Good old chilled Perth.
    3. What do you love about pinup?
    There are lots of reasons why I love pinup. I love how you can express your own flare to the mid century fashion of pinup. With that being lots of bright colours and loving the modern take or being a true collector and living the mid century fashion dream realness.
    One of the things I dearly do love is that no matter what size you can rock this look. Pinup has lots of different genres to it and I'm so happy to be apart of this group of people.
    4. How did you find out about Cherry La Blaze vintage and Rockabilly?
    I found out about cherry la blaze from a beautiful friend of mine that does pinup photography here in Perth she told me to jump online and check out the store.
    5. What is your favourite product that you have purchased from our store so far?
    I purchased the amazing Daisy Jean floral ice cream earrings I absolutely adore these and I have worn them so much already.
    6. What do you do for work?
    Currently I am a store manager/ stylist for a store that has beautiful vintage inspired fashion and I've been there just over 4 years now.
    7. What/who inspires your personal style?
    I have never really been one to copy someone else's look persay but who doesn't love the stunning Miss Victory violet. I have always been into fashion at a young age dressing my self in cute dresses and my grandmother making me clothing from vintage patterns and showing me starlets from back in the 30s, 40s and 50s. I guess she is also one that inspired me as she is a very creative artist so I've always been around colour all my life.
    8. Sweet or Savory?
    Wow this is a tough one hahaha I do love a good ice cream sundae but I'm currently on a health journey and been watching what goes down the mouth hole haha. In saying that I do extremely love home cooked fresh bread out of the oven with a little butter. Mmmmmm.
    9. Favourite quote/advice and why?
    My advice I always stand by is, never worry about what others think I huge thing I find each day is woman hating on there body and saying that they aren't good enough. Society needs to wake up and accept you for all your greatest at the end of the day you are you and with all the powers in the world unfortunately you can't be someone else. Never matter what someone thinks of your outfit, what you are wearing or what you look like the only person that matters is you! And your inner beauty always shines at the end of the day. Go out into the world knowing you can't always please everyone if someone hates you it's their issue not yours.. Pay them no mind.
    10. Anything else you would love to share?
    New pinups starting out or ladies wanting to try the style but to afraid to saying that they can't do it... Stop telling yourself you can't.. Anything in life is possible and seeing yourself in a different way can be a shock. You have one life try everything you can and enjoy all life's little perks.
    Thank you so much doll!
    It's been a pleasure getting to know you more and thank you for supporting my little biz!
    XX Miss Cherry La Blaze