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    Label Review-Bonsai Kitten

    Label Review-Bonsai Kitten

    This label is gorgeous. It's fun, the prints are fabulous and every garment is so comfortable to wear. In particular The Trouble Maker Tee. When you put it on it is super soft , there is nothing cutting your circulation off and it actually feels like you are wearing nothing.

    The Tiki Swing skirt is just as amazing, the print is inspired by the 1950's Tiki culture, where sipping exotic cocktails by the beach and wearing bright colours and prints was the lifestyle. The colour combination also makes it so versatile, teal, red and white work well and did I mention it has pockets. It really is the perfect swing skirt.

    I love a good wiggle so The Rose Print Wiggle Skirt is definitely a top pick. The print is pretty and feminine and the pleating in the back gives it the classic pin-up look. It's so easy to move in yet it shows off your curves in all the right places. I wore it with the red Trouble Maker Tee and I have to say it was a perfect match.

    Last but certainly not least these designs are created by a local mum here in Australia. The garments are made in Bali in collaboration with Adopta-Co-Op, widows from the Bali Bombing. What more can I say 10/10 to Bonsai Kitten!

    I feel very proud to stock this label at Cherry La Blaze Vintage and Rockabilly.