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    I was recently contacted by Dresslily to not only try some of their super cute 50's inspired dresses but to also do a live review on their Face Book page!

    I jumped at the opportunity straight away because they really do have some adorable vintage inspired items that won't break your budget and because I love trying new things and going live is something I have never done.

    So after a few issues with my kiddies and some technical updates we are now set for the live review later this week. I will be announcing the day and time in the next couple of days so stay tuned and make sure you are following the Dresslily Face Book page below.


    I was lucky enough to receive four different vintage inspired dresses, one being classic 50's, rockabilly/diner style, tiki and a floral piece for the cooler months. I wanted to show the wide variety of styles that are available from Dresslily. I have to admit I do have a favourite! Which is the Retro Gingham Bow Knot Flare Dress pictured below which screams classic 50's housewife. However all in all I do love every one of them for different reasons which I will go into more depth in the live review.

    If you are a pinup on a budget and you are looking for some vintage inspired dresses then I recommend giving this brand a go. I was really happy with all of the dresses I received, they were all stretchy and super comfy and would love to try some of their themed dresses too.

    Miss Cherry La Blaze wearing Dresslily, image by Brookleigh Photography.


    Miss Cherry La Blaze wearing Dresslily, image by Brookleigh Photography.


    Miss Cherry La Blaze wearing Dresslily, image by Brookleigh Photography,


    Miss Cherry La Blaze wearing Dresslily, image by Brookleigh Photography.


    I hope you can all tune in and see me live on the Dresslily Face Book page later this week!

    XX Miss Cherry La Blaze



    March Cherry Doll!

    March Cherry Doll!

    Please welcome my very first Cherry Doll for the month of March - Miss Vintage Orchid!

    This lovely lady is not only a VIP customer but a beautiful soul inside and out. I feel so proud to be a part of her pinup journey and I can't wait for you all to learn more about her. Miss Vintage Orchid is a huge supporter of not only my business but many other Aussie small businesses. She embodies what Cherry La Blaze is all about and that is a love for all things 50's, positivity, self love, body confidence, supporting women and pinups in their own journeys and following your dreams. This is a way for me to give back to my amazing customers, so I hope you have a read and love it as much as me.

    Miss Vintage Orchid wearing Hearts and Roses skirt purchased from Cherry La Blaze!


    Interview -

    1. Who are you and what is your pinup persona?

    Sheereen (Reenie) / Miss Vintage Orchid (The bubbly pinup) 😄🌺

    2. Where are you from?

    Singapore 🇸🇬 hence the Pinup name - The Orchid is the national flower of Singapore 😊

    3. What do you love about pinup?

    The positive love & respect for the female beauty. I love the fact that it promotes positive body image for ladies of any size & shape and diversity. It encourages and promotes self-love & acceptance for one's self & most importantly the confidence within 🌟

    4. How did you find out about Cherry La Blaze Vintage and Rockabilly?

    When I first started Pinup in August 2018 I went into it full force - go hard or go home right? Thank god for Afterpay! 🙊 Lol I googled for stores that I can start up my Pinup wardrobe from and your beautiful store came up as a recommendation. I bought a few of my first ever Pinup outfits & accessories from you then and I've been coming back often since 😄💜

    5. What is your favorite product that you have purchased from our store so far?

    Hard to pick! I love them all! If I have to pick just the one it'll have to be the Banned Red heart basket handbag - I've worn that bag a lot ♥️

    6. What do you do for work?

    I'm a freelance makeup artist (although I'm not doing that much now because I'm so busy with Pinup 😆). I mainly work full time as a Motor Claims Case manager for a large insurance company doing the 9 to 5 🚗  Love the fact that I can still dress Pinup into work every day! 😄

    7. What/who inspires you and your personal style?

    Amanda - Modern "June" Cleaver & my Pinup bestie Miss Mon Mon ♥️ I love the quirky bright retro colours that Amanda brings into her style & I love the way Mon picks & wears true vintage so beautifully - she has great taste in stuff lol ♥️

    8. Sweet or savory?

    Hmmmm... some days sweet but most days savoury. Can I say both?? Hehe 😬

    9. Favorite quote/advice and why.

    I love positive quotes and words of inspiration as I use them daily as affirmations. I do a lot of #quoteoftheday posts on my Instagram profile under my photos. It's hard to choose but if I have to pick one it'll have to be, "Have Courage and be kind" by one of my favourite Disney movies - Cinderella 👑 

    The quote has great meaning and no it isn't just some corny quote from a kid's movie lol Here's why - Kindness helps you to love and appreciate others, even when they don't act in a way that deserves kindness back. Courage helps you live with integrity at all times - Integrity is very important to me. We need to have both of these in our lives and often times we need them both at the same time. It can sometimes take courage to treat someone kindly especially when that someone hurts you.  It will also take great courage to know when to walk away from situations or people that are negative and bad for you. And of course it will take lots of kindness to forgive and walk away without hate. From there courage comes back into the mix to help one to continue moving forward - onward and upwards ♥️ 

    10. Anything else you would love to share?

    Yes - I'd like to firstly thank you Miss Cherry La Blaze for inviting me to do this as the first ever Cherry Doll to be interviewed. It's such an honour to be participating in this. I'm very lucky to be involved in a great community that is super supportive - a place that allows us to do fun things like this and to grow and develop to be the best Pinup we can be. I've learnt so much since starting my journey and I've come so far since then. My sincerest thanks to everyone who have showed me support and taught me well. You've all played a very important part in my journey and I will forever be grateful to all of you. With that - "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality."—Yoko Ono 💗




    Miss Vintage Orchid looking amazing with her Banned Wicker Heart Bag purchased from Cherry La Blaze!




    Thank you so much Miss Vintage Orchid! It was so fun getting to know you more and I hope you enjoy being my March Cherry Doll!


    XX Miss Cherry La Blaze

    Grace Karin Review Part 1

    Grace Karin Review Part 1

    To start off the new year with product reviews is super fun and exciting for two reasons!

    1. I love trying new products, sharing and promoting brands.

    2. I will take any opportunity I can to create more beautiful pinup photos.

    I was recently asked to review a couple of items from Grace Karin. Being Amazon's best selling vintage reproduction store and knowing the brand of course I was more than happy to be involved. Founded in 2008 the team pride themselves on creating high quality affordable garments for every occasion. From bridal to vintage they have every style and body shape covered.


    So I got my wiggle on in the Sexy Mermaid Wiggle Dress which is something a little different for me but still has a vintage/pinup vibe. This little number retails for $28.06 and I ordered a size small, however a size extra small would have fit me better but unfortunately this dress was not available in this size. This is not reflected on the brand but rather my body type, I do have small hips and legs and find it hard to get a true wiggle in any brand. Despite the fit the dress is super comfortable and the fabric felt very nice against my skin which was a mix of

    * Fabric:95%Polyester+5%Spandex. 

    The off the shoulder was a nice detail and the fact that it was plain allowed me to accessorize however I pleased. I simply added a brooch and along with the flower crown it gave me a simple yet polished look that would be amazing for Spring Racing. This dress would also look amazing with a necklace and a bangle stack also being black any colour accessories would look fab.

    This style is also super versatile and could easily take you from work to evening with some simple accessory changes. This dress has an invisible zip up the back along with some buttons to keep the off the shoulder straps in place. There is no belt provided but you could add your own for that extra waist cinch.

    For a budget conscious pinup this brand is perfect for you and even for those pinups looking to fill their wardrobe with a heap of cute seasonal essentials. There are heaps of styles and prints to choose from so you will be sure to find something that tickles your fancy. Delivery took around 2 weeks and the team made it super easy to address any inquiries. For the price I was very happy with the quality and I'm looking forward to reviewing some more dresses in the coming weeks.

    What are you waiting for.....

    Shop with Grace Karin now!


    Miss Cherry La Blaze wearing Grace Karin, brooch Erstwilder, sunglasses Catch That Thief, flower crown and image Brookleigh Photography.





    Walking In Charlie Stone Shoes!

    Walking In Charlie Stone Shoes!

    Have you walked in Charlie Stone shoes?

    Well let me tell you something, you are missing out if you haven't!

    Charlie Stone Shoes was created by Sydney local Samantha Szetu in 2014

    Unique features include.

    • Unique flat design with hidden elevation for better arch, ankle and knee support
    • Custom cushioned insole
    • Soft genuine leather upper and lining
    • Flexible and durable bottom soles for prolonged wear
    • Comfortably positioned low ankle straps

    I was super honored to be contacted by Samantha to collaborate with her and her amazing Aussie brand. I love supporting Australian made so I couldn't wait to try her amazing shoes. I was lucky enough to receive the Portofino style in red/white which were super easy to style. I did misjudge my size, however Samantha being the amazing boss babe she is sent me the next size down and boy did they fit like a glove. I also have sensitive feet and to be honest I find it extremely hard to get good quality pinup/vintage style flats that don't damage my feet. But after wearing these all day walking around The Entrance on the Central Coast I was pleasantly surprised how my tootsies held up.

    There are a range of styles and colour combos to suit any outfit and they have just released a new vegan range which is super exciting.

    Something special is in the works so keep your eyes peeled and trust me go and get yourself a pair.

    Thank you Samantha I look forward to working with you in the future.


    Spongy's Charity Raffle!

    Spongy's Charity Raffle!

    Is your lawn over grown? Do you need some general property maintenance done but don't have the time?

    Then make sure you enter and help me raise money for charity!

    Spongy's Charity Raffle is a local raffle that I created in collaboration with my husbands business Spongy's Property Maintenance.

    This raffle is just one of the ways I will be raising money for RizeUp Australia as a part of my Pinup Doll Australia journey. All proceeds from the tickets will go directly to RizeUp an organization that directly helps survivors of Domestic Violence, by providing emergency accommodation, furniture, white goods, clothing, food vouchers, toys and all of the basic necessities a survivor needs to start over.

    The winner will receive a full day of general property maintenance valued at $440! This could include mowing, whipper snipping, pruning and weeding etc... Your place will look amazing after this.

    The tickets will go on sale from the 26th of July until the 24th of October, the lucky winner will be announced on the 25th of October. Tickets will cost $10 each or 3 for $25 and will be available for sale through me and via my Everyday Hero website, link to be announced!

    I hope all you locals can get on board and help me raise as much money and awareness as I can for Domestic Violence.

    If you have any questions about the raffle or my charity please feel free to contact me anytime.

    Miss Cherry La Blaze